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Why should Switch from Shared hosting to VPS + Infographic


After Shared hosting

I guess you are here after your Shared hosting provider request you  to switch from your Shared hosting plan to VPS cause your site consumes high CPU and Ram Resources .. and this usually as a result of getting  more visitors and your site grows up day after day.

sharedhosting limits

shared hosting limits

Shared Hosting Limits

there are nothing UNLIMITED .. so every shared hosting that claim unlimited have a tight usage policy
to ensure your server usage isn’t effecting your neighbors on the same server.

  • CPU and Ram limits:

    Shared hosting companies set limits on using CPU and Ram Usage for each website cause you shared their server with others “may be hundreds for most cases”, and with this shared resources it’s suitable for tiny and starter sites but when you site grows your site will consume more Resources and it will causing Warning message to ask you to switch to VPS and they could suspend your hosting plan until you take action.

  • Prevent some WordPress Plugins:

    as you know, there are limits of using Some WordPress Plugins on shared hosting.
    many well-known hosting providers set limits or prevent using some plugins
    for example : W3 Total Cache, because this may cause increasing server load.

  • Force to use their Server Location:

    there are no choices, no options to select your Server Location or Data Center. so for example: if your shared hosting provider have their servers in Europe and most of your visitors from USA your visitors will notice high server latency which is not good either for Page Speed or SEO.

  • No custom software:

    may be your script request some software to run on your shared hosting plan,
    but because you’re sharing the server apps and resources with others,
    you can’t install this required software and if you request it they will request
    to switch to VPS plan to install your required software.

VPS “Virtual Private Server”

VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server” which provide guaranteed  amount of Ram and CPU from Main Server.
so you can control your server with more options and Resources and of course ability to handle with more Visitors.

VPS Benefits

VPS Benefits

VPS Benefits

Ok, Shared Hosting is limited but why get a VPS!

  • More Resources:

    it means you get more CPU and RAM and more Disk Space, it will help you handling
    more Visitors and don’t worry about bandwidth cause most of VPS providers give you tens of hundreds of Gigabytes every month.

  • Choosing Server location:

    most VPS providers provide many locations around the world for your server,
    so you can choose server location in Europe “like Amsterdam or London.. etc ” or in
    USA “like NY ..etc” so you can Minimize your server latency and provide more
    near server location to your targeted visitors.

  • Better Hardware:

    with VPS, you can choose your hardware specs and run your VPS on the latest edge
    technology which will accelerate your site magnificently  like using SSD hard disks
    , more CPU speed ..etc

  • Run your own Scripts:

    you have a freedom to install what you want WordPress Plugins, or run your Custom made script
    without suspend your server,  just use legal ones “no torrent – hacking -warez” cause it may be forbidden cause it breaks copyrights materials.

  • Dedicated IP:

    every VPS come at least with unique IP .. and this better for security.

  • Better Security:

    of course VPS provide more Security solutions than shared hosting …. Why !

    it’s simple, On Shared hosting plan you get shared hosting with others and may be Hundreds
    and if one site hacked it may be lead to Full server hacking or at least will cause server issues
    and sure you want get rid of that

    also on your VPS, it’s easy to install and update Antivirus and scan it  at ANY TIME “the scan option cost me money to perform it on my previous Shared hosting ”

    also, you can install Firewall and control every aspect of it to provide more Security to your server

  • Boost Performance:

    using op-cache software “like APC or Memcache..etc” on your server which cache PHP requests in memory which result in more speed and less response time.

    you may be heard about NGINX web server which big sites using it instead of using Apache cause it’s providing More server Speed, less server response time and less server load. which you can’t use it on your shared hosting because most Shared Hosting provider using Apache.

    you can install MariaDB instead of Mysql on your server and use it, cause it provides more speed
    while on Shared Hosting you usually forced to use Mysql and there is no option to use MariaDB instead.

  • Less Cost:

    Yes, it’s not Miswritten .. I was paying $10 every month with HostGator and after migration to VPS and get better Hardware – more Ram & CPU  Resources with SSD Hard Disk and install Latest Edge software..I pay only $5 on DigitalOcean!


Shared Hosting is suitable for tiny sites with tens of visitors every day  but doesn’t  provide the best Performance or SEO for your site  … but if you have more visitors and like to Boost your Performance with More Speed and use your favorite WordPress Plugins or Scripts without
limits and aim to provide the best user experience for your visitors just go with VPS and let your site Fly.

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