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How to Speed Test your VPS (linux ubuntu server) with screenshots


If you buy a new VPS server, the first thing you think about is to speed test your VPS
cause it affects heavily on your site load time and it’s important for SEO and your site ranking in search engines.

How to test server internet speed via Linux commands

we will test our ubuntu server internet speed via service via command line,

our server is from digitalocean and server location in Netherland datacenter

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How to install speedtest on ubuntu server

step 1: login to your server via putty as root or any user with root privileges (so you will type sudo before commands)

step 2: install speedtest-cl

 apt install speedtest-cli 

install speedtest-cli

test your server internet speed

we are ready now to test our vps via the below code



Share server internet speed

you can generate a cool pic to share your results via this command:

 speedtest-cli --share 

speedtest-cli --share

this will output a link to you so you can open that link via your browser and share it


List all SpeedTest servers

by the way, speedtest automatically chooses the nearest geographic server to your distance to test your server speed.

but you can force speedtest to use another server geolocation to test your server speed.

we can do that by listing all speedtest servers then choose one of them to test speed via these commands:

 speedtest-cli --list 

which will list all available test locations based on the closest to your server so you can choose from it


because it will general a large list, we can add |more to our command to list it line by line for more human readability

 speedtest-cli --list |more 


then we choose the test server :

 speedtest-cli --server #number 

in my case is:

 speedtest-cli --server 27652 


after choosing it:


and if we add –share parameter to our command:

 speedtest-cli --server 27652 --share 


here is the sharing pic


Force to test SpeedTest via specific server location

what if you want to choose to list a specific country or city to test speed your VPS with

you can simply do this by adding | grep Country or City to your list command like this :


 speedtest-cli --list | grep Country


 speedtest-cli --list | grep City

just remember to Capitalize the first letter of the country or city you search for

in my case, if you wanna list all test servers in Madrid, just type :

 speedtest-cli --list | grep Madrid

grep madrid

then as we learned before, we can pick a server id to test our VPS speed with

 speedtest-cli --server 1680 

grep madrid selection.
and the results as we can see :
madrid test result

and here if we want to share results

 speedtest-cli --server 1680 --share 

madrid speed test share

it’s your time now to test your VPS internet speed and don’t forget to share your results in comments

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